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About Diana Lote

Artistic Entrepreneurship & Development Mentor

Ready to amplify your artistic journey with a touch of entrepreneurial magic? Meet Diana, a mentor par excellence in Artistic Entrepreneurship and Development. With a track record spanning major TV shows, documentaries, and even a big-band orchestra tribute, Diana knows the art of turning creativity into successful ventures. Having her as your mentor means unlocking the secrets of entrepreneurship in the arts—transforming your passion into a thriving, impactful career. Ready to explore the world where art meets enterprise?


Celebrity Talent Agent turned Casting Director turned Executive Producer of Common Thread Entertainment, Diana has been developing talent, content and events for over 20 years across genres, in 3 major US markets. Some of her credits include "Narcos", "Law & Order", ViceLand, “Shades of Blue”,
"Orange is the New Black", "Bojack Horseman", AfroPunk, YouTube and hundreds of commercials, video games, and audiobooks.

Diana is a 5-time Backstage Magazine award winner currently producing a concert series, casting talent for On Slot Creative and teaching acting at Pace University in NYC. Lined-up for 2023, Diana is producing the big-band orchestra tribute to the "Cowboy Bebop" Anime soundtrack, developing a docuseries program network pitch, and spearheading a communication coaching program simplifying interpersonal dialogue dynamics. Diana produces and moderates discussion panels based on "Artistic Entrepreneurship" on the conference, workshop, and lecture circuit. Some panels include Art Basel, Inventures, MindFuel, StartUp Safari, Miami Film Festival, universities and business accelerators in US and Canada.

As the bridge between left and right brainers, Diana's strength is communication and interpreting emotional tone, while dog and cat videos are her weakness.

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