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About Cassandra Claude

Creator of Artistic Freedom Mentorship

Cassandra Claude is a name synonymous with artistic freedom and vocal mastery. As the visionary founder of the Artistic Freedom Mentorship Program, she has dedicated her life to nurturing the creative spirits of emerging artists. She is not only an inspiring mentor but also a prolific author. Her books, "A Singer's Compass" and "A Singer's Guide to Breath Support," have become essential guides for vocalists on their journey to excellence. As a writer, Cassandra's dedication to the arts extends to numerous published articles, sharing her insights and wisdom to benefit the global artistic community.


In addition to her teaching and mentorship, Cassandra is a distinguished voice clinician, not only nationally but also on the international stage. Her expertise in vocal health and technique is sought after by performers worldwide. She holds the prestigious position of Music Professor at the renowned and esteemed University of Miami, Frost School of Music, where she shapes the next generation of musical talent. Cassandra is also celebrated as Miami's top vocal coach, sharing her boundless knowledge and passion for the art of the voice with students and professionals alike. Her influence reaches far and wide, as she empowers artists to discover their true voices and express themselves freely in the world of music. Her impact is immeasurable, making her a true luminary in the world of music and mentorship.

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