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About Brianna Rose

AFM Creative Integration Collaborator & Therapeutic Mentor

Are you an artist seeking a holistic approach to mentorship and personal growth? Look no further than Brianna Rose, our AFM Collaborator and Therapeutic Mentor at the Artistic Freedom Mentorship Program.

Through Brianna’s wealth of expertise as a licensed Mental Health Counselor, a 200 RYT Registered Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor, a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling and over 14 years of studying psychology, she offers artists personalized guidance to enhance their well-being and creative expression.
Join Brianna for a transformative mentorship experience where your mental health is nurtured alongside your artistic journey. Unlock your full potential with Brianna's compassionate and insightful approach.


Brianna is a licensed Mental Health Counselor, a 200 RYT Registered Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor, and creator of the “Hack Your Nervous System” and “Kingdom Calm” Card Decks.

For the past 14 years, she has studied Psychology, receiving her Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling with a special focus on body-based approaches to supporting healing. In the years following licensure, she has continued her training in Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Approaches to Therapy, Parts Work, Buddhist Self Compassion practices and the study of Grief.

Along with working with individual clients, most recently Brianna has focused her attention and energy on the translation of her years of study into accessible mental health and nervous system support tools for the masses.

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