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About Brian Wilkins

Artist Management Mastery Mentor

Unlock the secrets of artist management as Brian shares his wealth of experience managing global icons like Rihanna, Alex da Kid, and Sean “The Pen” Garrett. Learn to forge new opportunities and revenue streams for your artistic journey.


Brian Wilkins, a seasoned professional in management, education, technology, and entrepreneurship, boasts a rich career spanning over two decades in the music, education, and technology sectors. With executive and creative roles at major record labels such as Sony Music Entertainment, Sony BMG, and Universal Music Group, as well as prominent positions in broadcasting/live entertainment (Clear Channel/SFX), higher education (Frost School of Music/University of Miami), and music technology companies (NUSIC/Lark42), Brian has consistently forged new opportunities and revenue streams for artists, partners, and clients alike.

At the forefront of music technology intersections, he has pioneered creative artist funding, direct-to-fan mobile gaming, and generative AI creation, continuously revolutionizing the contemporary music industry. Brian's impressive management portfolio includes globally renowned artists like Rihanna, multi-platinum producer/label head Alex da Kid, and the 18-time number one hit songwriter/producer, Sean “The Pen” Garrett. Collectively, his clients boast over 40 Grammy nominations, 8 billion streams, and 500 million sales, contributing to chart-topping acts such as Jay-Z, Madonna, Eminem, Beyonce, and many more. Currently, Brian focuses on bridging the modern music industry with higher education, striving to provide creators with present and future opportunities while enhancing the real-world experience of music education.

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