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Explore our Tailored Program Tiers

  • Best Value

    Artistic Platinum

    +$66.01 Setup Fee
    Immerse yourself in a transformative 12-week journey crafted for aspiring artists.
    • All aspects of each tier
    • Personalized mentorship sessions
    • Weekly group calls for shared learning
    • Tailored guidance for your artistic journey
    • Direct and engaging feedback with mentors
  • Emerald Insight

    +$7.55 Set Up Fee
    Immerse yourself in featuring meditation videos, journal prompts, serene visual experiences.
    • Artistic meditation videos for relaxation
    • Thoughtful journal prompts for self-reflection
    • Integration of mindfulness into your artistic journey
    • Opportunities for feedback and constructive critiques
  • Sapphire Enlightenment

    +$11.90 Set Up Fee
    A rich library of videos complemented by interactive assignments, contemplative prompts, and more.
    • Rich library of informative videos
    • Varied assignments for practical application
    • Contemplative and reflective prompts for skill advancement
    • PowerPoint presentations crafted to elevate learning
  • Ruby Fusion Mastery

    +$17.70 Set Up Fee
    Combining the best of informative and visual content, meditation videos, prompts, and assignments
    • Access to both informative and meditation videos
    • Varied assignments for practical application & reflection
    • Accessible content for skill enhancement
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Mentor Matchmaker Sessions

Embark on an hour of personalized artistic guidance with our One-on-One Mentorship Session

1 hr


Online Conference
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