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About Susie K. Taylor

AFM Creative Integration Collaborator & Storytelling Mentor

Embark on a transformative journey with Susie K. Taylor, where delight meets depth in the art of storytelling! With a wealth of experience from prestigious institutions to international stages, Susie brings a unique blend of insight and creativity to her mentorship. From captivating performances like 'Jewbana' to immersive experiences at renowned venues, her expertise spans various genres and mediums.

As a mentor, Susie shares not only her acting prowess but also her passion for crafting compelling narratives that resonate deeply. Join Susie and unlock your potential to create stories that inspire and captivate!


Susie K. Taylor’s performances and pieces are dedicated to uncovering the humorous exit points within narratives, a philosophy she applies both in her work and personal life. Taylor holds a post-graduate degree from the prestigious Webber Douglass Academy of Classical Acting in the UK, a BFA from Pennsylvania State University, and is an esteemed alumna of Miami's renowned New World School of the Arts High School.

Taylor's artistic journey led her to create captivating pieces such as "Jewbana," which debuted at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the UK and later at United Solo in NYC. Her work has also been showcased at prominent Miami venues including Swamp Space Gallery and Soho House. Recently, Taylor's artistic endeavor "Bunny's Charm School," which was developed during her artist residency at The Cell Theatre in NYC was a piece based on the story of famed fashion photographer Bunny Yeager.

Taylor's involvement with Miami's local companies is extensive, notably her collaborations with Juggerknot in their acclaimed immersive experience, "Miami Motel Stories," and most recently starring in their solo show “Conjuring the King.” She is closely associated with Dance Now! Miami, working in tandem with the company as the voice of their international piece, "Bridges." Recently, Taylor was invited to train the company in her unique acting method and directed "The Thinker's Thoughts," a production that premiered at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens before moving to The Locust Projects Art Gallery where “The Thinker’s Thoughts” wove itself in the installation by famed artist Rafael Domenech: assembling beneath a desire for sabotage. The Thinker's Thoughts was an immersive dance theater piece that invited the audience to follow the performers as they activated the chambers of the installation, compartmentalizing and deconstructing the architecture of the space while taking the observers on a journey of self-discovery and rebirth.

As an actor, Taylor is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and has graced the screen in numerous films. Her television experience includes portraying Detective Sue in "Dexter" and appearing as an inventor on "Shark Tank," showcasing her innovative creation, Bibbitec. Throughout her career, Taylor has also contributed her expertise as a professor of Movement at NYFA, a pole instructor, and an acting coach. Above all, her true passion lies in creating and teaching the art of crafting joyful, compassionate, and delightful stories.

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